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OsloMet launches a master's programme in mechanical engineering

OsloMet will launch a Master of Science programme in mechanical engineering in autumn 2024. The new master’s programme has a particular focus on sustainable technology.

The background for the new programme is an increased demand for mechanical engineering competence in the industry and public organisations.

"The expertise that the candidates will acquire will be important to help us achieve the UN's sustainability goals," says the decision of the university board at OsloMet.

The master's program will train professionals who can adopt new technology and develop innovative and sustainable solutions in areas such as green energy sources, machine design, health technology, robotics, offshore and underwater technology, fisheries, and oil and gas.

Provides broad expertise

This requires multidisciplinary expertise.  A wide range of industry partners in the Oslo region have been involved in the development of the master's programme. They emphasize the need for candidates with broad expertise.

The new programme is unique in that it provides broad knowledge and competence, which differs from similar programmes at other Norwegian universities, which provide more specific expertise. 

The field of mechanical engineering encompasses the study of machines or physical systems that may involve force, movement and/or energy transfer.

Engineering physics and mathematical principles are combined in mechanics of solids and fluids, thermodynamics, materials science, design, structural analysis, and electricity.

In the new master’s programme, students can specialize in solid mechanics, fluid mechanics or mechatronics, but many of the courses are common.

Mechanical engineering at both bachelor's and master's level

OsloMet already has a bachelor's level mechanical engineering programme that can provide a basis for recruitment to the master's course.

The master's degree in mechanical engineering will make it possible for the students to take both bachelor's and master's degrees at OsloMet. 

The new master's programme can also provide recruitment to the doctoral program in engineering science.

“With a new master's in mechanical engineering, where master's students work closely with both the research groups at the university and working life, the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design (TKD) will further strengthen its role in educating candidates with relevant knowledge and competence for business, government organisations, research institutes and academia,” says Dean Laurence Habib.

Candidates from the new master's programme will receive the degree "Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering", and the language of instruction will be English.

Case document for the university board: Establishment of a master's program in mechanical engineering (

Study presentation master's in mechanical engineering.

Picture of the team behind the master's programme. Here they stand in a row in one of the meeting rooms at OsloMet.

The team behind the new master's in mechanical engineering at the Department of Mechanical, Electronical and Chemical Engineering: From left, Head of Education Simen Antonsen, Head of Department Astrid Oust Janbu, Associate Professor Rafael Borrajo, Associate Professor Tore Flåtten, Associate Professor Arvind Keprate, Associate Professor Behrous Arash, Associate Professor Ramis Örlü and Senior Engineer Rune Orderløkken. Photo: Magdalena Hestholm

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Published: 21/09/2023 | Olav-Johan Øye