En gruppe studenter foran inngangen til Ocean Lab. Foran med ryggen til i rød jakke står lærer Tiina og tar i mot.

Robotics and control inspiration at Ocean Lab

The master`s programme Applied Computer and Information Technology (ACIT) with the specialisation Robotics and Control gathered bachelor students at OceanLab for inspiration and grilling in the sun.

The event started with lunch outside on the fjord-front patio with the grilling of sausages and mingling. After lunch, the students were divided into two groups, where they attended master project pitch presentations and Ocean lab demos. 

To smilende studenter får utdelt hver sin pølse av Tønnes. I bakgrunnen ser vi inngangen til Ocean Lab.

Photo: Foto: Magdalena E. Vassbotn Hestholm

The master presentations were related to two different digital technologies. The first presentation was about reducing pollution at wastewater resource recycling facilities, and the second presentation was about monitoring the fjord environment and underwater communications. Five master students presented their projects to a fully packed seminar room on the 2nd floor. The presentations were insightful and informative, providing a deeper understanding of the subject matter. 

In addition to the presentations, two master students, one PhD student, and two teachers held demonstrations related to their projects. The demonstrations were a great way to showcase the practical application of their research and provided an opportunity for the attendees to see the results of the projects in action. 

Alex viser en gruppe bachelorstudentene noen prosjekter. De ligger på et stort bord i tre. Bak Alex henger en blå tavle med ulike verktøy.

Photo: Magdalena E. Vassbotn Hestholm

The event was so engaging that it went an hour over time, thanks to the enthusiastic bachelor students who participated. The event also provided a platform for students to showcase their research. 

Overall, the master project pitch presentations and Ocean lab demos were a great success. The event not only provided valuable insights and knowledge to the attendees but also showcased the innovative work being done by the students and teachers at the department. 

Tiina prater med fire studenter.

Photo: Magdalena E. Vassbotn Hestholm

Published: 11/04/2023 | Magdalena Emilie Vassbotn Hestholm