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Space Syntax has Come of Age: A comprehensive review of literature from 1976 to 2023

The annual scientific output has grown, has spread to many countries, and contains progress in both theory and applications. The field has become important in urban planning and urban design.

This bibliometric review is conducted by Abdelbaseer A. Mohamed and Claudia van der Laag Yamu and has attracted great interest in the international academic and professional community. 

The study allows an audience interested in the field of socio-spatial analysis for cities to holistically understand trends, gaps, influential publications, collaboration networks and geographic distribution of collaborators. 

This is the first bibliometric study in the space syntax field that analyzed 4,740 academic publications over nearly five decades to understand the greater global picture in this field. 

Within a month from its publication this study made it on the list of most read articles with over 800 downloads in 4 weeks from Sage's Journal of Planning Literature list.

‘Overall, the study shows that the method and theory of space syntax has become an important field in academia and the professional urban practice with a high interest from scholars and practitioners,' says Claudia van der Laag Yamu.

Through this extensive study we have initiated an international debate and process that it is incumbent to the academic community to further develop.'

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Published: 08/12/2023 | Olav-Johan Øye