Norwegian version
Main gate at Pilestredet Capus.

Pilestredet Campus

OsloMet’s largest campus is located in the centre of Oslo.

Welcome to Norway’s most urban university campus. Our Pilestredet campus is surrounded by cafes for reading or meeting friends and restaurants where you can buy lunch at student-friendly prices. All the main attractions of downtown Oslo—including shopping, parks, bars and the Oslo fjord—are just a short walk or tram ride away.  

Like many urban campuses, Pilestredet is compact. You can walk from one end of campus to the other in about ten minutes. There is plenty of architecture to admire along the way, from old brick buildings—the northern part of campus is located on the grounds of a brewery that opened in the 1850s—to modern, glass buildings that remind you that you’re in Scandinavia. All across campus, you will find cafeterias, libraries, student pubs, gyms and even a climbing wall.

At Pilestredet, you find the Student Centre and the Service Centre. Our main reception is located in Pilestredet 46 and the Student Centre is located in Pilestredet 52.