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School of Management

The School of Management (SoM) is OsloMet’s centre for continuing and further education and executive management training. SoM connects management and professional studies across OsloMet’s faculties and units.

The School of Management contributes to lifelong learning and adaptation in the professional sphere and in the community.

We offer master’s programmes in Management, as well as executive management training for school principals, leadership training for practitioners in Early Childhood Education and Care Units, and tailor-made management courses for the healthcare services/system.

Our course portfolio is aimed at leaders in technology and media companies, the state, the municipal sectors, health care, private businesses and libraries, across professional groups and sectors.

Parts of the educational programmes are aimed at specific professional groups, such as the School Leadership program and Leadership Role of Practitioners in Early Childhood Education and Care Units. We also offer courses that are not aimed at specific groups and sectors. All our programmes are part-time and can be combined with full-time employment. 

We offer continuing and further education and specially commissioned teaching for public and private enterprises.

Our courses are taught in Norwegian, unless otherwise agreed.

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