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Strategy and vision

Two men standing in front of the new Barcode city block in Oslo. Construction cranes are a dominant part of the view.

Strategy 2024

OsloMet is an urban university with a diverse academic profile and a clear international orientation. Through the research we conduct and the students we educate, OsloMet seeks to respond to the needs of society and the labour market. OsloMet is forward-thinking and committed to adopting new technologies and innovative solutions that improve the way the university is run. 

The new strategy was adopted on 15 June 2017.

Vision and slogan

Vision: Delivering knowledge to solve societal challenges.
Slogan: New Knowledge—New Practice

Our values


In close cooperation with society and employers, our knowledge and experience will contribute to learning and to the modernisation of our study programmes. It will also contribute to developing the institution, the individual students and members of staff.


Innovation requires cooperation across disciplines, professions and stakeholders of the society. Our goal is to be inquisitive and open in our dealings with society, employers and businesses, and we will produce new knowledge that provides solutions to the challenges of tomorrow.


Our location in the Oslo region gives us good opportunities to understand and benefit from the city’s diverse population. We will promote equality and understanding—in society in general and among our students and staff in particular.

Goal and profile


OsloMet will fulfill its social mission by preparing students, employers and decision makers for the future challenges of the welfare society.

Our goal is to be:


OsloMet will take a hands-on approach to meeting the needs of society and employers. Our study programmes will be of high international standard, based on research, close contact with professional practice and up-to-date, student-active forms of learning. Our research will be relevant and capable of solving the challenges of tomorrow. Our graduates will be educated to be engaged citizens who recognise the importance of, and are motivated for, lifelong learning. Our staff will conduct themselves in accordance with our values. Our organisation will be well run and professional.   

Main goal 1

OsloMet will be a leading provider of research-based knowledge to the welfare society.


Main goal 2

OsloMet will be leading in terms of introducing new technology, innovative solutions and efficient work methods.


Main goal 3

OsloMet will be an urban university with regional and national responsibilities, and with a clearly international character.


Main goal 4

OsloMet will be a professional organisation with committed students and staff, and with a well-functioning infrastructure.


Published: 04/09/2019 | OsloMet