Four students working together at a table.

Five ways you can stay connected to OsloMet

Start an alumni group, stay in touch with your professors, and perhaps even consider a PhD. Check out the different ways you can continue your OsloMet experience even after you've left Oslo.

1. Connect with your professors on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the places academics go to share their latest research and engage in academic debates with colleagues from other institutions. By connecting with your professors on LinkedIn, you can get updates on the research they're doing and the academic questions they're discussing in your newsfeed.

Once you've spent a little time on LinkedIn and gotten the hang of the culture of the site, you can start sharing too-updates from your new job, or your thoughts and perspectives on ideas or concepts you learned while you were a student.

2. Stay in touch with your classmates

You're probably already planning to keep in touch with some of the people you've spent the past few years studying with. We want to encourage you to think of them not just as friends, but as people to compare notes with, continue to learn from and bounce ideas off of.

As the months and years go by, each of you will most likely move in different directions professionally and develop different areas of specialty. Just because you no longer attend classes together, doesn't mean a group of you can't check in with each other now and then, ask each other work-related questions, and discuss your experiences applying what you learned while studying to the work you're doing today.

3. Join or start an alumni group

Alumni groups bring together graduates of a particular study programme. Here you will find both recent graduates and people who have graduated years ago and are well established in their careers. Alumni groups are a great place for sharing and getting information about vacant positions, learning about relevant events, and sharing resources for keeping up-to-date on developments in your field.

Some of our existing alumni groups are active, while others are relatively quiet. Want to help make the alumni group for your academic programme more active? Start posting!

What if your study programme doesn't have its own alumni group? There's nothing stopping you and your classmates from starting one!

4. Visit OsloMet online or in person

Are you planning on staying in the Oslo area following graduation? All campus libraries are open to alumni, so you can continue taking advantage of the resources they offer as long as you're on one of our campuses. How about combining a visit to the library with a cup of coffee with your favourite professor.

If you move away after graduating, we recommend you follow OsloMet on LinkedIn, where we make a point of sharing English-language articles about cutting-edge research on a variety of topics.

5. Next stop: PhD?

Whether you’re ready to continue down the academic path now or you start to feel the itch a few years down the road, a PhD affords you with the unique opportunity to truly immerse yourself in your chosen academic field. Many of OsloMet's PhD positions are open to international applicants, and the conditions and benefits PhD candidates in Norway enjoy are some of the best in the world.