The Research Centre for Digitalisation of Public Services and Citizenship (CEDIC) aims to broaden our knowledge and awareness of social consequences of digitalisation. CEDIC invites distinguished international researchers to give open guest lectures on the intersection of digitalisation, culture and society. 

Earlier lectures have discussed digitalisation in relation to health services, power grids, waste management solutions and welfare systems, both nationally and internationally. The spring 2022 was dedicated to presentations from the partners of the newly established National Research School on Digitalisation, Culture and Society (DIGIT). 

In 2023, the center continues the seminar series by inviting Norwegian and international researchers and stakeholders to present new findings and innovative perspectives .

How do I participate?

You can usually attend CEDIC Talks both on campus and online. The lectures are conducted in Norwegian or English, depending on the lecturer and its audience, and commonly lasts for about 45 minutes followed by a Q&A session.

Read more about upcoming lectures and registration at our website (uni.oslomet.no/cedic)