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Automation, Robotics and Intelligent Systems (ARIS)

Devices, machines, control systems, robots – artificial systems – have progressed from simple task execution – to systems that interact directly with humans, comprehend a complex situation, collaborate autonomously, make assessments, learn, evolve, and adapt.

This research group belongs to the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design and aims at applied research within automation, robotics, and intelligent systems for a range of applications in collaboration with industry and the public sector.

The group combines expertise in control engineering, modelling and simulation, electronics, communications, mechanical systems, robotics, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

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  • More about the research

    Some of the thematic topics and applications we address are:

    • Self-learning systems and personalised solutions for Health applications
    • Robotics and automation for the industry
    • Industrial process monitoring, simulation, and control
    • Internet of things (IoT) and advanced solutions for next generation industry
    • Materials and equipment fatigue, remote monitoring and predictive maintenance
    • Self-adapting energy optimization in buildings
    • Robotics and fleet optimization for maritime applications
    • Computer vision and cognitive systems
    • Modelling and simulation for industrial (Digital Twin) and health applications
  • Projects

    • Self-learning systems for Assisted Living Technologies, funded by the Research Council of Norway
    • Autonomic Systems – Applied Automation and Artificial Intelligence
    • Process Simulation and Learning Technologies
    • OASYS - Ocean-Air synoptic operations using coordinated autonomous robotic SYStems and micro underwater gliders, Horizon 2020
    • Industry 4.0 Lab