OsloMet Digital Journalism Research Fellow - call for applications

The Department of Journalism and Media Studies at OsloMet is pleased to announce a call for applications to become an OsloMet Digital Journalism Research Fellow.

OsloMet is conveniently located in the Oslo city center. In the spring we welcome fellows anytime between mid-January and mid-June throughout the year, except for the dates of the annual ICA conference. In the fall we welcome fellows from mid-August to mid-December.

Who can apply?

The length of the research stay is negotiable. We welcome applications from both emerging and senior and scholars from anywhere around the world. Scholars from any discipline is welcome to apply, as long as you have an ongoing research agenda focusing on digital journalism. We especially welcome applicants that are interested in collaborating with one or several of the members of the Digital Journalism research group.

Our research group encompasses both junior and senior researchers, with expertise in digital journalism studies, as well as several related areas.

As OsloMet Digital Journalism Research Fellow we look forward to

What can we offer?

As OsloMet Digital Journalism Research Fellow we offer you

Our invitation is contingent upon your receiving financial support from your own sources to cover your transportation and all other expenses.


Your application should be developed as an ambition statement for your visit, and include the following:

  1. A title and abstract (approximately 500 words) outlining your proposed research presentation.
  2. A brief presentation of your ambitions for becoming OsloMet Digital Journalism Research Fellow: who do you want to collaborate with, and in what way(s) (500-1000 words)?
  3. If you propose for us to co-author, please provide a preliminary title and abstract of the paper, and with whom you wish to co-author.
  4. An abb bio (200-300 words) and a high resolution profile photo.
  5. Suggestions of one or several weeks that would fit your schedule to come to Oslo.
  6. One to five related publications of yours in APA style (preferably with a link).
  7. Your CV, including your list of publications (add as one or two separate documents).

Please send your application as a single PDF file to Oscar Westlund (Professor and Research Leader).

DJRG Fellowship programme: practicalities and deadlines

Oftentimes we accept applications from two fellows for the same week, which further stimulates a dynamic experience and conversation. We encourage applicants to propose several weeks they potentially can come and visit, on odd-numbered weeks. We prioritize to accept fellows for October and March, occasions for which we organize workshops to discuss ongoing research with our fellows.

Submit fellowship application by March 1st for fellowship periods in the fall (September-November).

Submit fellowship application by September 1st for fellowship periods in the spring (January-June).