Training programme on Formative Assessment for the EOI de Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain

Offered by the EnA FoU Group, OsloMet. Funded by KA1 Erasmus+ Project 2020-2022.

One of the main goals of the Evaluation and Assessment (EnA) FoU group, Faculty of Education and International Studies, OsloMet, Norway, is to serve local communities by fostering opportunities of practice in assessment and evaluation and give the chance to teachers and their students to further their education, providing them with tools to fulfill their personal, educational and professional goals.

The EnA group, as part of its internationalization and community outreach policy, will be offering a tailor-made course for English Language Teachers from the Official School of Languages (EOI) of Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain funded by the Erasmus+ KA1 programs between 2020-2022. The course aims at raising teachers’ language assessment literacy in general and Formative Assessment (FA) in particular. Teachers will develop FA assessment competences, strategies tools and thus improve their own professional knowledge and capacities. European and national directives have identified FA as an essential element in learning as it promotes student learning through autonomy and reflective self-assessment.

The impact of the course is expected to be enormous. The EOI of Santiago de Compostela school comprises 5 branches that impact public language teaching and certification in 7 languages to nearly 4,000 students, mainly adults. The training programme activities will include structured tailor-made courses with hands-on-practice and job shadowing (at local schools). The course will be divided into three stages: preparation, participation, and follow-up and will provide a lot of opportunities for reflection and discussion.

The course will produce training materials that will be stored in a materials training bank based on FA assessment procedures that will be then integrated into specific and general teaching plans on the basis of the teachers’ needs. Practical FA manuals will also be elaborated and made available to the cooperating institution. At the end of the programme, questionnaires will be used to measure the impact of the effectiveness of the course.

The EnA group supports teachers and their institutions in continuing their pursuit of excellence, fulfill their strategic aims and positively impact the lives of European citizens and institutions.

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  • Monday 4 April 2022

    • 9.30-10.00: Welcome
    • 10.00-10.45: Trine Gedde-Dahl - Introduction to the Norwegian Educational system – focus on Assessment 
    • 11.00-11.45: Henrik Bøhn - Introduction to Formative Assessment 
    • 12.00-12.45: Michel Alexandre Cabot – Meaningful formative feedback: What feedback types and/or feedback modes? 
    • Lunch and walk
  • Tuesday 5 April 2022

    • 9.00-9.45: Lynell Chvala - Assessment of Oral Skills in Norway
    • 10.00-10.45: Toni Mäkipää - Students’ and Teachers’ Perceptions of Assessment and Feedback Practices in Finland’s Foreign Language Classes 
    • 11.00-11.45: Harald Eriksen – Formative feedback in writing instruction
    • 12.00-12.45: Sophia Ioannou - Corrective Feedback  
    • Lunch and walk
  • Wednesday 6 April 2022

    • Project work (participants work in groups)
  • Thursday 7 April 2022

    • 9.00-9.45: Asma/Hanen - Language assessment during pandemics: what has COVID 19 taught us
    • 10.00-10.45: Asli and Ece: Online Tools for Formative Assessment 
    • 11.00-11.45: Jenny Liontou: Online and Corpus-based Tools for Formative Assessment Practices
    • 12.00-12.45: Τhomais Rousoulioti - Dynamic Assessment of Writing 
    • Lunch and walk
  • Friday 8 April 2022

    • 9.00-9.45: Astrid Gillespie – Self-Assessment 
    • 10.00-10.45: Kirstin Reed - ELF in FA 
    • 11.00-11.45: Niki Kouvdou – Systematic Observation: a form of FA in multilingual classrooms 
    • 12.00-12.45: Eleni Meletiadou - Peer Assessment 
    • Dinner and farewell