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Health communication

Communication is a central joint between most processes related to health, health care and health sciences. We shall do research on how health communication can be improved regarding relevant target groups and how this can be evaluated.

The research group has its focus on communication with health as content, communication affecting health or communication in the context of health. Communication can be outcome, intervention, confounder or evaluation method.

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    We use the term communication in its widest meaning as transfer or exchange of information, regardless of type (social behaviour, relation, behaviour coordination, knowledge exchange, didactic) or medium (verbally, nonverbally, digitally, written …)

    The quality of communication is crucial for

    • the transfer of knowledge from research to practice and the other way round (knowledge translation)
    • understanding the user’s needs, supporting the user regarding health literacy, user involvement and facilitation of the user’s sense of accomplishment
    • attempts to better health or health related behaviour and reduce inequality regarding health