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Methodological un-twinings with kindergarten-and research studies

The research group interest is concerned with how methodologies settle and expand possibilities of experimentation. The research group support a flat ontology where both human and more-than-human are active research agents.

The research standpoint is to expand more-than-anthropocentric’ positionings, not degrading or defining humans as less interesting – more to explore how agentic entities work together, entangled in relations. By emphasizing more-than-human-organism and objects, we ask how these entities work on each other and produce new ongoing knowledges.

The research group is influenced by philosophical concepts and creative performative processes in research. This open for artistic experimental possibilities where discursive and material elements, affects and vibrant matter are entangled. Interdisciplinary, philosophy and ethics of response-ability in an Anthropocene-era is situating our research interests.

Heads of research group

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  • Projects

    • Performing Methodologies in Early Years Research (PMEYR) an international research community
    • RECE – reconceptualizing early childhood education, international community 
    • NERA – network 22- Post-approaches to Education. Participants:
      • Helsinki University – dr. docent Riikka Hohnti, dr. Hanna Guttorm 
      • Manchester Metropolitan University, Professor Rachel Holmes, dr. Laura Tafi-Prats, dr. Christina MacRae, Emerita Professor Liz Jones, Emerita Professor Maggie MacLure
      • Stockholm University Emerita Professor Gunilla Dahlberg, dr. Linnea Boden et al. 
      • Middlesex University, London, Professor Jayne Osgood
      • Memphis University, dr. Susan Nordstrom
      • Auckland University New Zealand, Professor Marek Tesar.
      • Swinburne University, Australia, Professor Karen Malone
      • Shinshu University, Japan, Reiko Hayashi Nakata
    • Early Childhood in the 21st Century in Norway. Participants:
      • University College Østfold, dr. Nina Johannesen, dr. Bente Ulla and dr. Ann Sofi Larsen
      • USN, University of Southeast Norway, dr. Teresa Aslanian, dr. Anna Moxnes
      • Innland University College, professor Camilla Andersen, PhD. candidate Agnes W. Bjelkerud et. al. 
      • DMMH, dr. Ingrid Bjørkøy, Professor Lise Hovig