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Special Education and Inclusive Practices (SpecInc)

This research group focuses on children, young learners’ and adolescents’ participation, fellowship, development and learning from kindergarten throughout primary and secondary education.

Norwegian kindergartens and schools are based on inclusive values, promoting participation, fellowship, democratization and learning for all. Our aim is to support and coordinate research and development projects promoting inclusive special education practices for lifelong learning and participation in society, and develop knowledge for the educational programs of the Faculty of Education and International Studies and for the research community.

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    Inclusive values are the pivot of Norwegian kindergartens and schools. These values aim to facilitate upbringing, development and learning of all children. However, many children and adolescents, especially children with special educational needs, are not provided satisfactory conditions for development and learning, and have accordingly, reduced odds to participate in society and to obtain a worthy adult life. A major challenge is creating educational practices that combine general education and special education efforts in kindergartens and schools. 

    We aim is to develop and explore how inclusive values are understood and implemented in kindergarten and schools, and carry out innovation projects exploring new practices, especially practices and processes regarding children with special educational needs. 

    In addition, we aim at adding knowledge to several of the university's focus areas, and to develop relevant research-based knowledge for the faculty's educational programs and for the larger research community.

  • Projects

    • Anthology focusing difficulties in mathematics (2019-)
    • Anthology focusing tension in special education (2019-)
    • DOU-PPT – a Digital platform for management and organizational learning and development in the Educational Psychological Service (2018-)
    • Educational Psychological Service role in kindergartens and schools (2015-)
    • IMaT-Inclusive Mathematics Teaching: Understanding and developing school and classroom strategies for raising attainment (2019-2022)
    • The apprenticeship program in upper secondary education- vocational subjects (2019-)
    • The special education teacher specialist role and function (2019-)
    • The outcome of special need education (2015)
  • Partners

    • University of Agder
    • University of South-East Norway
    • Østfold University College
    • NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology
    • University of Helsinki
    • University of Gothenburg
    • Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences
    • Manchester Metropolitan University
    • University College London
  • Events

    • IEASA, South Africa, August 2019
    • ECER, Hamburg, Germany, September 2019
    • Special education - subject and research, September 2019