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Sustainability and Technology in Work and Learning

The group focuses on learning in schools and work, primarily within technological fields. Vocational didactic issues related to education in technical subjects, technology, and sustainability are central.

The knowledge area of Sustainability and Technology in Work and Learning (BTAL) focuses on innovations and the development of technological competence, digitization, learning in various professions, and how the premises for the development of a sustainable world are upheld. It will provide multiple perspectives that will illuminate various connections between the mentioned areas. This has direct implications for vocational education in high school, businesses, and vocational teacher education.

The overarching framework for LK20 (fagfornyelsen) is central to vocational and professional education, and it is described in values and principles that knowledge and awareness of technological innovations are needed to develop solutions that contribute to changing lifestyles, thus preserving life on Earth. Furthermore, it is described in the interdisciplinary theme of sustainable development that technology has a significant impact on people, the environment, and society. It is emphasized that the application and development of technology can contribute to finding new solutions but also create new challenges.

The overarching research approach for BTAL will be vocational knowledge and learning cultures in the face of technology and digitization from a sustainability perspective. This approach connects technically oriented research on one hand and humanistic/social scientific research on the other. This constitutes an important field of knowledge and a foundation for addressing and tackling the many challenges posed by the new world of work, both technologically, in terms of new learning methods, and from a societal perspective with sustainability.

Some overarching research themes will include:

Heads of research group

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  • Projects

    • Project in information technology and media production
    • Teachers of traffic education
    • Factory of learning
    • Depth learning i construction business
    • Sustainable development in VET
    • Electro in Vocational teacher education
    • Erasmus project VETteach
    • BTAL student
  • Partners

    • Raufoss upper secondary school
    • Technology Norwegian Catapult Center (MTNC) at Raufoss, Norway
    • Nord University, Norway
    • Erasmus project with several partners: 
      • Finland (Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki) 
      • Spain (University of Valencia) 
      • Sweden (University of Linköping) 
      • The associated partners from Switzerland (University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland and University of Teacher Education Bern)