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Vocational Knowledge in a Diversity Perspective

This research group works with different projects related to various issues on gender, identity, multiculturalism, sustainability, multidisciplinary, literacy, bilingualism, learning abilities and “bildung”/formation.

The projects focus challenges relevant to students and teachers in Vocational Education and Training and Vocational Teacher Education in big cities contexts.

Swift changes in society and labour market (Industry 4.0) demand new knowledge and competences in Teacher Education. A society characterised as more text based, by multiculturalism and globalisation demands literacy and communication skills, skills in cooperation and autonomy. Vocational Teacher Education and Vocational Education and Training are closely related to labour market and society requiring new perspectives on teaching and learning relevant in big cities contexts. The research group represents multidiscipline and transferable knowledge and competence in our research. 

This research group belongs to the Faculty of Education and International Studies. 

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    • More about the Research Group

      The group’s thematic projects are:

      • Use of digital tools in learning, named as "Future Classroom Laboratory"
      • Cooperation with master's degree students about drop-outs in VET
      • Alternative learning arenas
      • Teacher-Directed Violence (TDV)
      • Entrepreneurship – Food services
      • LGBT– in VET
      • Identities and cultures of learning
      • Coaching and relation competence
      • Multicultural competence in health and caring
      • Multiliteracies and multimodalities: Writing and reading in VET