Behavior Analysis 1 – General Principles of Behavior Analysis (PSYK1420)

Bachelor's course
For exchange students

Join this course to gain knowledge of the basics of behavior analysis, become familiar with its role in psychology, understand its research methods, and learn how behavior is established and maintained.

  • Admission requirements

    You must be a bachelor's student at your home institution.

    There are no specific admission requirements for this course.

  • How to apply

    International exchange students select courses when applying for exchange.

    The application deadline is 15 April.

  • Course description

    Knowing how behavior is influenced by conditions in the surroundings is essential, and this knowledge can be used to plan and carry out different change and training measures.

    You will acquire skills in applying behavior analysis concepts and observing and registering behavior, and develop competence in executing behavior analysis strategies, enhancing their presentation technique, conducting discrete trials training, and implementing precision teaching.

    For more information about this course, take a look at the course description (

  • Exam

    The exam is a supervised individual written exam.

    Grading scale: A-F.

  • Costs

    There is no semester fee for exchange students.

Questions about this course?

You can contact us by e-mail if you have questions about this course.

Student stories

Julia sitting in front of a graffiti art wall.
Oslo has the perfect mix of city and nature

“In Oslo you can go hiking in the woods during the day and go out partying in the evening, ” says Julia, an exchange student from Germany.