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Global environmental studies in Costa Rica (in collaboration with Kulturstudier)

Continuing education

The course is taught through an interdisciplinary approach incorporating elements of political ecology, political economy and development studies. It combines a general introduction to environmental studies with an emphasis on Latin-America and Costa Rica. The course is offered by Section for development studies at OsloMet in collaboration with Kulturstudier.

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    General university and college admissions certification / total qualifications.

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  • Aims and contents

    The programme provides a basis for discussions, critical analysis and reflection on the causes and dynamics of environmental problems and management of natural resources. The course provides a balanced understanding of current theories and practices within global environmental management.

    The programme provides the student with a balanced understanding of the theory and practice of environmental management practices. More specifically the students should acquire knowledge of:

    • The complex nature of important contemporary environmental issues.
    • Institutions, organizations and other stakeholders in international environmental management, an their role in managing and regulating human impact on the environment.
    • Central ideas, perspectives and debates in environmental management and planning.
    • Challenges facing modern society in terms of the need to plan for a healthy environment and to manage it accordingly for a sustainable development.
    • Economic, legal and social factors that impinge on decisions and actions at the interface between human activity and the environment.
    • The interrelationships between economic and social development and impacts on the environment at a variety of scales, and how to produce effective and feasible solutions to policy and planning dilemmas.
    • Skills and techniques designed to develop appropriate and feasible solutions to a range of complex, international environment related problems.

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