Media and Development (UTVB2400)

Bachelor's course
For exchange students

Issues of media and communication are essential in processes of development and social change worldwide. However, to date, development studies have largely overlooked the role played by the media in development. It is important to understand media and communication issues in the Global South, and to link the theoretical study of media and development to on-going media processes. In this course, emphasis is put on the Global South. Outlining the historical processes of globalisation and the rise of contemporary network society, the course discusses the notions of media, development and the relation between the two.

  • Admission requirements

    You must have completed at least a one-year introductory course in Development Studies or equivalent courses at your home institution.

  • How to apply

    International exchange students select courses when applying for exchange.

    The application deadline is 1 October.

  • Course description

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  • Costs

    There is no semester fee for exchange students.

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