Practical Pedagogy for Tertiary Vocational Education 1

Continuing education

Tertiary Vocational Education provides teachers with basic teaching qualifications within their field. The course combines relevant adult learning theories combined with practical work on location. Students learn to plan teaching, and utilise a variety of assessment methods used in tertiary vocational education.

  • Admission requirements

    The course is designed exclusively for Noroff Education vocational teachers.

    General admission requirements 

    You must document that you have achieved the Higher Education Entrance Qualification or equivalent prior learning and work experience.  You must meet the following requirements in order to qualify to apply for admission on the basis of prior learning and work experience: 

    1. The applicant must be at least 25 years of age in the year of admission and cannot have achieved the Higher Education Entrance Qualification. Applicants must document one of the following: 

    • craft certificate or equivalent and at least two years’ relevant work experience, or  
      • at least five years’ relevant work experience. Up to two of these five years can be replaced by relevant unpaid work, education, organisation work experience or similar. 

    2. Applicants must have adequate proficiency in English to be capable of completing the programme. This must be documented with, as a minimum, the subject English (140 hours per year) from a vocational upper secondary school programme or equivalent, passed with the grade 2 or better. Applicants whose first language is not a Nordic language must document that they meet the requirement for English language proficiency at a level corresponding to the Higher Education Entrance Qualification.

    Relevant part-time work of varying scope and length can be converted into full-time in accordance with the applicable rules. 

    Special admission requirements

    You must be affiliated to Noroff – School of Technology and Digital Media through an employment relationship and work on educational development, learning work or counselling work for adults. This must be documented by an employer reference.

  • How to apply

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  • Aims and contents


    The purpose of the course is that you further develop your competence in your role as teacher in tertiary vocational education. In addition, you shall develop your ability for critical thinking and reflection and be confident and clear in your role as a teacher. You shall be able to apply knowledge of vocational educational theory, vocational didactics and relevant results from research and development work to practical and theoretical issues, and be able to make well-founded choices.


    The course covers the following topics:

    • Learning management in tertiary vocational education
    • Planning, implementing and assessing learning work
    • Learning environment, differentiation and adapted learning
    • Adult learning
    • Further development of own vocational teaching practice
    • Supervision and assessment 
    • Change and development work

    Structure of the programme

    Practical Pedagogy for Tertiary Vocational Education 1 is a web-based part-time programme comprising one course with a scope of 30 credits. The course is taught over two semesters. 

    The content of the programme is organised on the basis of the spiral approach, i.e. that learning tasks and topics in the programme build on each other. Practical Pedagogy for Tertiary Vocational Education emphasises basic vocational teaching competence, critical reflection and change and development competence.

  • Programme structure

    Optional course Spans multiple semesters

Academic coordinator

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Questions regarding admission?

You can contact us by e-mail if you have questions about admission to this course.