Perspectives on Crisis, Change and Reform in the Public Sector (OASV4700)

Master's course
For exchange students

This course deals with different perspectives on crisis, change, and reform in the public sector. Special emphasis is put on social scientific perspectives taken from fields such as political science, public policy and administration, and sociology. The course introduces basic concepts on crisis and change in the public sector. Moreover, the course will discuss crises and change processes in the Norwegian public sector in a multilevel perspective, with comparative examples from Nordic and European experiences. Political, economic, and societal crises such as the climate crisis, the covid-19 pandemic, the migration crisis, the financial crisis, and the Ukraine War all affect national, regional, and local conditions for policy formation and administrative behavior. The aim of the course is therefore to shed light on such issues by giving students insights into academic debates on crises and reforms in the public sector, starting from political theory, organizational theories as well as theories of Europeanization and globalization.

  • Recommended preliminary courses

    Introductory subjects in political science, organizational theory, sociology, or political economy.

  • How to apply

    International exchange students select courses when applying for exchange.

    Application deadline: 15 April.

  • Course requirements

    The following coursework requirements must have been approved in order for the student to take the exam:

    • Coursework 1: Submit outline of course paper that is approved by the course responsible. The outline should be between 1-2 pages.

    The purpose of the coursework requirement is to present the overall theme and specific research question for the course paper.

    All required coursework must be completed and approved by the given deadline in order for the student to take the exam. If the course requirement is not approved, the student will be given the opportunity to submit an improved version by a given deadline.

  • Course description

    For more information about this course, take a look at the course description (

  • Costs

    There is no semester fee for exchange students.

  • Exam and assessment

    The exam in the course is an individual course paper. 

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