Recommendation letter template for the Neuro-insights course

A recommendation letter is required for admission to the master's course Neuro-insights: Data Science Approaches in Neuroscience at OsloMet.

For admission to Neuro-insights: Data Science Approaches in Neuroscience, you have to deliver a letter of recommendation from your advisor outlining your project and testifying that you are currently doing neuroscientific research at the Master or PhD level. 

Below you will find a template you can fill out, sign and submit with the application as a Word or PDF file. See Admission Requirements and How to apply

Recommendation letter template

Dear Admissions Committee,

I am writing on behalf of (student name)’s application to the Neuro-insights course offered at Oslo Metropolitan University.

(Student name) is a PhD/Master student in my lab since ... and has been doing research in the field of neuroscience. 

(Student name)’s working research title is (title of the research).

The goal of this research is (brief description of the research goals). To that end, (student name) will use data from (describe the data source/kind) and analyse it with (cite some methods the student will use in his/her research).

(Please tell us something about how it is working with the student.)

I understand that to fulfil the academic requirements of the course, (student name) has to deliver a report where he/she apply concepts, knowledge and methods learned during the course, in the context of his/her current research in my lab.

I consent the student to use data generated in the lab to fulfil the course requirements, and I further agree that the student is free to openly discuss details about the data and his/her experiment with the course teaching staff so (student name) can successfully complete the course.

Thus, I ensure that (student name) will have the proper conditions to deliver his report after the course.

I also attest that (student name) has fundamental knowledge of statistics, and has basic programming skills.

As I see, (student name) has the ability and the motivation to complete the academic requirements of the Neuro-insights course. 


(Name, title, affiliation)