Art and Design – Fashion and Industry

Bachelor's course
For exchange students

In this programme option, emphasis is placed on the development of concepts and on the visualization of ideas towards a finished product. Theoretical reflection and understanding the context of fashion, such as history, market and national and global social structures, are also emphasized. The programme option gives students insight into creative, commercial and ethical fashion design.

  • Admission requirements

    The course is open for exchange students who are currently enrolled in a bachelor programme within the field of Fashion and Industry and have completed at least one year of study.

  • How to apply

    International exchange students select courses when applying for exchange.

    Application deadline: 1 October.

  • Course description

    KD2000 Entrepreneurship in Art and Design, 10 ECTS

    The course employs a wide definition of entrepreneurship that includes personal development, creativity, self-reliance, initiative taking and action orientation, i.e. becoming entrepreneurial. The course aims to introduce students to practical entrepreneurship through an action-based approach to value creation. Students will work in teams to solve real-life challenges.

    The course is a common course for the programme options Art and Dissemination and Fashion and Industry. It introduces business knowledge, innovation and project management in development processes relating to creative work.

    KDM2400 Active Wear and Corporate Internship, 20 ECTS

    The course consists of two parts. In part 1, Active Wear/sports, emphasis is placed on knowledge development through the design, materials and techniques involved in developing functional clothing. Materiality, cultures and lifestyles are key perspectives in the course and will be seen in conjunction with the Nordic climate. The course in part 1 lasts about 7 - 8 weeks.

    Part 2 comprises a 9 - 10 week period of practical training in an enterprise or at another educational institution.

    The student will participate in day-to-day operations and become familiar with the company’s structure, culture and values.

  • Costs

    There is no semester fee for exchange students.

Questions about this course?

Contact our administrative coordinator by e-mail if you have questions about this course.

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