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Single courses - Master’s Programme in Applied Computer and Information Technology (ACIT)

Master's course

Several of the courses from the Master’s Programme in Applied Computer and Information Technology (ACIT) are offered as single courses.

  • Admission requirements

    In order to apply, you have to meet the programme's general admission requirements and any additional requirements that apply to the specific course(s) you are applying for.

    The general admission requirements are:

    Additional things to consider are:

    • You must be resident in Norway in order to be eligible to apply for single courses offered by ACIT
    • You must check that you meet all the admissions requirements when you submit your application
    • There are a limited number of study places available

    OsloMet may request original documents. Lack of presentation of original documents on request will result in rejection of the application.

  • How to apply

    Applying as a single course student is done in three steps:

    1. Application for admission
    2. Registration to the course(s)
    3. Payment of the semester fee

    Please note that each step has its own deadline.

    Step 1: Application for admission as a single course student

    You can apply for admission as a single course student through Søknadsweb ( You have to fill out the application form and upload all relevant documentation.

    Registration opens: 15 November

    Deadline: 15 December

    Step 2: Registration for courses

    Please register for the available courses in Studentweb. 

    There are a limited number of study places and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. After the deadline all registration closes.

    Step 3: Pay the semester fee and complete semester registration

    Semester fee: the semester fee must be paid by 1 September (autumn) / 1 February (spring).

  • Spring 2024

    The following courses are offered Spring 2024. The admission requirements are listed per course.

    We only offer admission to individual courses and the opportunity to sit an exam as an external candidate in the courses listed above. You have to be admitted to the relevant study programme in order to take other courses offered at the faculty.

  • What do you get as an individual subject student?

    As a course student, you will have the same rights as any other student. You will get an access card, have access to teaching activities and to the Fronter system, and can receive feedback from the subject teacher on any work you submit during the course.

    You pay the ordinary semester fee and copy fee, and will be issued a semester card that entitles you to ordinary student discounts.

  • Costs

    Single course students have to pay the semester fee (