Master's Programme in Visual and Performing Arts

Master's course
For exchange students

The Master's Programme in Visual and Performing Arts covers a wide range of current aesthetic practices and theory. The programme emphasizes a societal approach to the aesthetic field which focuses on research, innovation, critical reflection, application of theory and development of aesthetic practice.

  • Admission requirements

    The course is open for exchange students who are currently enrolled in a master’s programme within the fields of Performing Arts or Art and Design.

  • How to apply

    International exchange students select courses when applying for exchange.

    Application deadline: 1 October.

  • Content

    MEST 4111: Art in Context: Aesthetics, 10 ECTS

    This course elucidates relevant theory and concepts for both the interdisciplinary and specific art fields. The course presents concepts that are important in contemporary international aesthetic fields through theory and examples including contemporary expressions in art, design, craft, dramatic art, applied theatre, fashion and performance, as well as recent artistic research and scholarly research. The students will choose a specialisation in one of three areas. Contemporary practices and theoretical perspectives onArt, design and architecture; Performance and applied theatre; or Art, design, science and technology.

    The course covers documentation, selection and analyses of relevant examples in the student’s own field of interest, as well as interdisciplinary cooperation.

    MEST4313 Research Theory and Method 2, 10 ECTS

    This course is a continuation of Research Theory and Method 1. It elucidates research methods and philosophy of science perspectives of relevance to the distinctive nature of the aesthetic field. The course emphasises the student analysing, assessing and using theoretical and practical elements in his/her own research process. In the course, the student will prepare a proposal for his/her own research design as a basis for the further work on the master’s thesis.

    MEST4320 Project in Practice, 10 ECTS

    In this course, the students will carry out a practical project based on the programme option's areas of competence such as teaching, dissemination, creative production and curating. The work focuses on idea development, innovation, critical analysis and reflection. Production, presentation, documentation and communication are part of the practical work. The project can be carried out in collaboration with external parties. Several students can cooperate on a project. The students’ practical work is seen in conjunction with relevant contemporary discourses and in a research context.

    For more information about this course, take a look at the course descriptions:

  • Costs

    There is no semester fee for exchange students.

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