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See also our pages with resources for each department (in Norwegian), where the subject librarian presents sources of literature and sites that are of particular interest within the department disciplines.

Subject librarians at OsloMet

Faculty of Health Sciences

Department of Nursing and Health Promotion

Trine Remvik, Pilestredet
Kari Kalland, Kjeller
Research support, Pilestredet: Malene Wøhlk Gundersen
Research support, Kjeller: Elisabeth Karlsen

Department of Physiotherapy

Trine Remvik, Pilestredet

Department of Occupational Therapy, Prosthetics and Orthotics

Hege Kristin Ringnes, Pilestredet

Department of Life Sciences and Health

Trine Remvik, Pilestredet

Department of Behavioural Science

Lilja Johannessen, Kjeller

Faculty of  Education and International Studies

Department of Early Childhood Education

Tone Berg Knudsen, Pilestredet

Department of Primary and Secondary Teacher Education

Hege Skahjem, Pilestredet

Department of Vocational Teacher Education

Vegard Syrstad
Research support: Lilja Johannessen, Kjeller

Department of International Studies and Interpreting

Ingjerd Legreid Ødemark, Pilestredet

Faculty of Social Science

Department of Journalism and Media Studies

Kirsten Stang, Pilestredet

Department of Archivistics, Library and Information Science

Effat Zahedifar, Pilestredet

Department of Social Work, Child Welfare and Social Policy

Camilla Thorvik, Pilestredet
Ph.d. support: Anne Tangen

Department of Oslo Business School

Birgit Müller-Nilssen, Pilestredet
Silje Skogheim, Pilestredet

Faculty of Technology, Art and Design

Department of Civil Engineering and Energy Technology

The substitute will arrive in February, in the meantime use e-mail

Department of Computer Science

The substitute will arrive in February, in the meantime use e-mail

Department of Mechanical, Electronic and Chemical Engineering

The substitute will arrive in February, in the meantime use e-mail

Department of Product Design

Elise Valseth, Kjeller

Department of Art, Design and Drama

Tone Hoemsnes, Pilestredet

Centre and institutes

Centre for the Study of Professions (SPS)

Inga Lena Grønlund, Pilestredet

Centre for Welfare and Labour Research (SVA)

Work Research Institute (AFI)

Bettina Grødem Knutsen, Pilestredet

Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research (NIBR)

Inga Lena Grønlund, Pilestredet

Consumption Research Norway (SIFO)

Inga Lena Grønlund, Pilestredet

Norwegian Social Research (NOVA)

Tordis Korvald, Pilestredet

Published: 11/18/19 | University Library