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Courses and workshops

The Unit for Academic Language and Practice has extensive experience in developing courses and workshops tailormade for the specific needs of different groups. We also offer one-on-one sessions upon availability.

Courses and workshops for staff will be announced at the OsloMet Academy's website (, and for students on the University Library course page (

For academic staff:

  • Academic Writing in English and Norwegian

    Academic Writing Course

    Information and how to apply to Academic Writing Course.

    Discuss and develop your academic writing, and improve your ability to produce written academic texts in English, on this 6-ECTS-credit course.

    Academic writing in Norwegian

    Information and how to apply to Academic writing in Norwegian (

    In this workshop we will be working with the participants’ own texts, focussing on the writing process and developing an eye for one’s own texts. The workshop is particulary suitable for academic staff who are in the process of or about to writing an academic text, either a chronicle, a written contribution to an ongoing debate or an academic article.

    English Grammar for Researchers

    Not offered fall 2023.

    What kind of grammar do we need when we write academic texts, communicating with other researchers in our field? The kinds of sentence we write in theses or articles are not necessarily the same kinds of sentence we speak aloud in conversation, or write in emails, blogs or newspaper articles. This course explores the particular kinds of grammar and sentence structures common in English academic prose, and aims to increase participants' ability with the more complex sentence structures academics often use in English.

    Reading to Write: Preparing to Publish

    Not offered fall 2023.

    This workshop focuses on developing reading strategies and rhetorical and linguistic awareness that will help you develop your own writing. It is particularly suitable for PhD candidates at an early stage of their PhD and researchers with limited publication experience.

    Writing the Introduction to Article-based Dissertations: Kappe-workshop

    Workshop in November. Information and registration (

    Are you a PhD-candidate writing an article-based dissertation? In many fields you are required to write a "kappe" as a part of you dissertation, a genre that many candidates find challenging. Join this three-session workshop to discuss strategies and approaches to writing your "kappe"!

    Beyond IMRAD

    Not offered fall 2023.

    While many academic articles use the IMRAD (Introduction, Method, Results and Discussion) structure, not all do. Some are more essayistic, some more argumentative, some more philosophical. These kinds of article can be difficult to write, in part because there is no clear template. The Beyond IMRAD course gives participants the tools they need to publish articles in these demanding genres.

  • Mentoring: One-on-one sessions

    Mentoring sessions provide one-to-one support tailored to each participant's needs. The sessions are designed to increase participants’ ability and confidence with academic writing in English or with presenting in English in an academic context.


    • Increased confidence in writing English-language academic texts or presenting in English in an academic context
    • Improved ability to produce written academic texts or to present in English in an academic context
    • Increased ability in setting and attaining writing goals or in planning for a presentation


    Mentoring sessions provide one-to-one support tailored to each participant’s needs. You may request sessions to work on either 

    • an academic text; or 
    • a conference presentation, dissertation defense or other types of presentations in academic contexts

    Each participant will meet with a mentor to discuss the development of their work, and the mentor will provide insight, feedback and guidance about rhetoric, structure, organization, argument and so on.


    Times and meeting places will be mutually agreed by each mentor and participant. In most cases, you can expect to meet with your mentor for up to three sessions to work on the same text or presentation.  


    To get the most out of mentoring sessions, you should be

    • reasonably fluent in written and oral English;
    • prepared to work on various tasks, readings, and your own writing and presentation skills between meetings.

    Mentoring sessions are open to staff and PhD candidates at OsloMet. Availability of the sessions is limited.

    Please note: this is not a copyediting, proof-reading or pronunciation-correction service: the aim is to produce better writers and presenters, not just better writing or presentations. 

    If you would like to apply, please contact:

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      Mentoring is also available in Norwegian – choose Norwegian website. 

    • Norwegian language courses for employees, level A1 to B2

      AKS offer courses in Norwegian language from level A1 to B2. The courses are customised for OsloMet employees. The courses follow the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) (

      We also offer intensive oral Norwegian language course level A1-A2 and B1-B2.

      Information and registration are available every semester at the OsloMet Academy calendar (

      When needed, and on request, AKS also offers other language training for employees, in Norwegian and English.

      Questions? Please contact:

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      • Oral Communication and Presentation Skills in English and Norwegian

        Presenting in English

        Not offered fall 2023.

        This three-session workshop provides participants with an opportunity to practice their communication skills and develop confidence in delivering academic presentations in English.

      For students:

      • Writing a master’s thesis

        Courses and seminars in writing a master thesis will arranged in both Norwegian and English by request from faculties.

        For courses in English, please contact:

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          For courses in Norwegian, please contact:

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          • Writing seminars for all students on masters’ level

            Writing seminars for all students on masters’ level

            The seminars focus on facilitating the process of writing a master thesis for master students and their academic supervisors, looking at the master thesis as an academic genre. The aim is to improve the students’ skills concerning showing and making use of professional knowledge in academic writings.

            The seminars consist of three two-hours writing workshops. The language of instruction will be Norwegian.

            The seminars will be offered every spring and autumn, and will be announced on the University Library course page (

            Course facilitators

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            • Research communication – on request by departments

              BA and MA students at OsloMet often conduct projects that are of interest to various professional fields as well as to the population at large.

              The Unit for Academic Language and Practice wishes  to contribute to a student culture where presenting results from different projects is considered a natural and interesting task. In addition to spreading knowledge and increasing writing and public speaking skills, presenting student projects for a variety of audiences can contribute to critical reflection, creativity and the ability to formulate oneself precisely.

              By request from departments at OsloMet, we are happy to offer courses in research communication. The learning outcomes of the courses include:

              • Increased ability to use oral presentations and written texts as a means of communicating research and student projects
              • Increased knowledge of and ability to produce different genres, for instance opinion pieces, research articles, encyclopedia entries, oral presentations, blogs, lectures, posters, digital stories and so on
              • Increased overall communication skills from working across different genres

              During the course, students will meet professionals who work with communication in different ways, such as researchers, editors, bloggers and practitioners. The course facilitators are researchers with broad experience in publishing.

              The courses are particularly suited for students in their last year of the bachelor’s programme and students on master’s level.

              For requests, please contact:

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              • Norwegian language courses for international students, level A1 and A2

                AKS offers international students basic Norwegian language courses at level A1 and A2. 

                Course coordinator and contact: 

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                Other offers

                We are also happy to develop seminars, workshops and courses for research groups, study programs and departments. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs!

                To discuss seminars, workshops or courses in Norwegian, please contact:

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                  To discuss seminars, workshops or courses in English, please contact:

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