Voluntary membership in the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (SPK)

SPK is the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund and Norway’s main provider of public occupational pensions. As a general rule, Norwegian citizens who reside and work in Norway are members of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme, and those employed by OsloMet are also members of the Government Pension Fund (SPK).

Membership of the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund is obligatory for government employees. All members pay two percent of their salary as a pension contribution each month. For every NOK that you pay, your employer pays between five and six NOK. The total sum contributes to your pension and to your other member benefits. SPK service provides benefits for housing loans and insurance schemes.

OsloMet has several foreign citizens who are not members of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme, and Norwegian citizens who work abroad for a longer period. Generally, OsloMet employees who are members of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme shall be insured either through SPK or through local social security and insurance schemes in the country of residence.

Criteria for membership in SPK

  1. The employee must have his or her primary employment at OsloMet and the minimum limit on the position percentage is 20 percent 
  2. The employee must be informed of the consequence of not being a member of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme 
  3. The employee may choose to continue pension earnings in the SPK and retain the other rights this provides by paying a special fee of 2 percent + 7.5 percent of the monthly salary. 

The special fee for voluntary membership in the SPK is covered by the employee. If an employee is sent out on assignment in another country extending more than 1 year, the membership is covered by OsloMet. Becoming an SPK member is voluntary and applies to employees without membership in Norwegian National Insurance and who are offered to work for OsloMet in Norway but choose to work from another country.

The SPK membership gives you several employee benefits such as right to disability pension, survivors' pension and housing loans with better rates.

Read more below about each of the benefits:

Retirement pension

As a member of the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund you have one of the best pension schemes on the market (spk.no). If you have full pension-qualifying service, you will get a retirement pension of 66 percent of your contribution to your pension fund valid as long as you live.

Who can get a retirement pension?

Housing loan

The Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund's housing loan is a membership benefit you can use as an employee at OsloMet which provides one of the market's lowest interest rates for housing loans. You can apply for a loan of up to NOK 2.3 million – or 4.6 million if two in your household are members. The loan can be used to buy a house or for refinancing, renovation, and estate settlement

How to apply for a housing loan

Occupational injury insurance