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Diego Maria Barbieri

Diego Maria Barbieri

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Wang, Fusong; Li, Xiaoqing; Wu, Shaopeng; Zheng, Lifei; Luo, Qiuyuan; Zhang, Jixin; Barbieri, Diego Maria (2023). Comparative study for global warming potentials of Chinese and Norwegian roads with life cycle assessment. Process Safety and Environmental Protection (PSEP) .

Shakeel, Kiran; Wijayaratna, Kasun; Barbieri, Diego Maria; Lou, Baowen; Rashidi, Taha Hossein (2023). Mobility perceptions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic from around the world. Travel Behaviour & Society . Vol. 33.

Barbieri, Diego Maria; Lou, Baowen; Passavanti, Marco; Barbieri, Aurora; Bjørheim, Fredrik (2023). A Survey Dataset Evaluating Perceptions of Civil Engineering Students about Building Information Modelling (BIM). Data .

Chen, Hao; Hoff, Inge; Liu, Gang; Zhang, Xuemei; Barbieri, Diego Maria; Wang, Fusong; Liu, Jianan (2023). Development of finite element model based on indirect tensile test for various asphalt mixtures. Construction and Building Materials . Vol. 394.

Alawi, Asiya; Milad, Abdalrhman; Barbieri, Diego Maria; Alosta, Moad; Alaneme, George Uwadiegwu; Imran Latif, Qadir Bux Alias (2023). Eco-Friendly Geopolymer Composites Prepared from Agro-Industrial Wastes: A State-of-the-Art Review. CivilEng .

Liu, Zhuangzhuang; Li, Lin; Gao, Jie; Li, Yizheng; Lou, Baowen; Barbieri, Diego Maria; Ye, Tong; Sha, Aimin (2023). Frost-Related Damage of Portland Cement Pastes at Early Age. Journal of materials in civil engineering .

Li, Xiaoqing; Wang, Fusong; You, Lingyun; Wu, Shaopeng; Yang, Chao; Zhang, Lei; Barbieri, Diego Maria (2023). A review on photocatalytic asphalt pavement designed for degradation of vehicle exhausts. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment .

Chen, Hao; Alamnie, Mequanent Mulugeta; Barbieri, Diego Maria; Zhang, Xuemei; Liu, Gang; Hoff, Inge (2022). Comparative study of indirect tensile test and uniaxial compression test on asphalt mixtures: Dynamic modulus and stress-strain state. 16 s. Construction and Building Materials . Vol. 366.

Chen, Hao; Saba, Rabbira Garba; Liu, Gang; Barbieri, Diego Maria; Zhang, Xuemei; Hoff, Inge (2022). Influence of material factors on the determination of dynamic moduli and associated prediction models for different types of asphalt mixtures. 12 s. Construction and Building Materials . Vol. 365.

Barbieri, Diego Maria; Lou, Baowen; Dyke, Robert Jason; Chen, Hao; Chandra Sahoo, Umesh; Tingle, Jeb S; Hoff, Inge (2022). Dataset of mechanical properties of coarse aggregates stabilized with traditional and nontraditional additives: Stiffness, deformation, resistance to freezing and stripping. 13 s. Data in Brief . Vol. 46.

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