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Emrah Erduran

Emrah Erduran


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Tveit, Sigbjørn ; Reyes, Aase ; Erduran, Emrah (2024). A continuum approach to multiaxial high-cycle fatigue modeling for ductile metallic materials. Results in Engineering (RINENG). Vol. 22.

Demirlioglu, Kultigin; Erduran, Emrah (2024). Drive-by Bridge Damage Detection Using Continuous Wavelet Transform. Applied Sciences. Vol. 14.

Erduran, Emrah ; Gonen, Semih (2024). Contact point accelerations, instantaneous curvature, and physics-based damage detection and location using vehicle-mounted sensors. Engineering structures. Vol. 304.

Gonen, Semih; Pulatsu, Bora; Erduran, Emrah ; Pelá, Luca; Soyoz, Serdar (2024). Dynamic characteristics of stone masonry walls before and after damage: Experimental and numerical investigations. Engineering structures. Vol. 306.

Demirlioglu, Kultigin; Erduran, Emrah (2024). Drive-by bridge mode shape identification using novel reference-based component scaling method. Engineering structures. Vol. 308.

Tveit, Sigbjørn ; Reyes, Aase ; Erduran, Emrah (2024). Parametric failure limit detection for the sheet metal forming of a floating photovoltaic (FPV) aluminum alloy structure. Araujo, Anna Carla; Cantarel, Arthur; Chabert, France; Korycki, Adrian; Olivier, Philippe; Schmidt, Fabrice (Red.). Material Forming – ESAFORM 2024. s. 1048-1057. Materials Research Forum LLC.

Demirlioglu, Kültigin ; Gonen, Semih; Erduran, Emrah (2023). Effect of Road Roughness on the Dynamic Response of Vehicles in Vehicle-Bridge Interaction Modeling. 11 s. Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering.

Demirlioglu, Kültigin ; Gonen, Semih; Erduran, Emrah (2023). Mode Shape Identification using Drive-by Monitoring: A comparative study. Young Noh, Hae; Whelan, Matthew; Harvey, P. Scott (Red.). Dynamics of Civil Structures, Volume 2 Proceedings of the 41st IMAC, A Conference and Exposition on Structural Dynamics 2023. Springer.

Erduran, Emrah ; Gonen, Semih; Pulatsu, Bora; Soyoz, Serdar (2023). Damping in masonry arch railway bridges under service loads: An experimental and numerical investigation. 12 s. Engineering structures. Vol. 294.

Demirlioglu, Kültigin ; Gonen, Semih; Erduran, Emrah (2023). Efficacy of Vehicle Scanning Methods in Estimating the Mode Shapes of Bridges Seated on Elastic Supports. 25 s. Sensors. Vol. 23.

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