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Toril Tefre

Toril Tefre

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Haugen, Trine B. ; Tefre, Toril ; Malm, Gunilla; Jønsson, Bo AG; Rylander, Lars; Hagmar, Lars; Bjørsvik, Cathrine; Henrichsen, Trine; Sæther, Thomas; Figenschau, Yngve; Giwercman, Aleksander (2011). Differences in serum levels of CB-153 and p,p '-DDE, and reproductive parameters between men living south and north in Norway. Reproductive Toxicology. Vol. 32.

Edvardsen, Hege; Tefre, Toril ; Jansen, Laila; Vu, Phoung; Haffty, Bruce G; Fosså, Sophie D.; Kristensen, Vessela; Børresen-Dale, Anne-Lise (2007). Linkage disequilibrium pattern of the ATM gen in breast cancer patients and controls; assosiations of SNP's and haplotypes to radio-sensitivity and post-lumpectomy local reccurency. Radiation Oncology. Vol. 2.

Tefre, Toril ; Malm, Gunilla; Giwercman, Aleksander; Jønsson, Bo AG; Rylander, Lars; Hagmar, Lars; Haugen, Trine B. (2006). Are there any geographical differences in exposure to environmental chemicals and reproductive function in Norway? A study of serum levels of CB-153 and p,p'-DDE semen quality and reproductive hormones in southern and northers parts of Norway. Grotmol, Tom; Bernhoft, Aksel; Eriksen, Gunnar Sundstøl; Flaten, Trond Peder (Red.). Endocrine Disrupters. Proceedings from a symposium held at The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, Oslo, 13-14 October 2005. s. 54-55. Novus Forlag.

Hou, Sai-Mei; Ryberg, David; Fält, Susann; Deverill, An; Tefre, Toril ; Børresen-dale, Anne-Lise; Haugen, Aage; Lambert, Bo (2000). GSTM1 and NAT2 polymorphism in operable and non-operable lung cancer patients. Carcinogenesis. Vol. 21.

Steen, Vidar S; Andreassen, Ole A; Daly, Ann; Tefre, Toril ; Børresen-dale, Anne-Lise; Idle, Jeffrey R; Gulbrandsen, Anne Karin (1995). Detection of the poor metabolizer-associated CYP2D6(D) gene deletion allele by long-PCR technology. Pharmacogenetics (London). Vol. 5.

Tefre, Toril ; Daly, Ann; Armstrong, Martin; Leathart, Julian B S; Idle, Jeffrey R; Brøgger, Anton; Børresen-dale, Anne-Lise (1994). Genotyping of the CYP2D6 gene in Norwegian lung cancer patients and controls. Pharmacogenetics (London). Vol. 4.

Ryberg, David; Tefre, Toril ; Øvrebø, Steinar; Skaug, Vidar; Stangeland, Lodve; Naalsund, Anne; Børresen, Anne-Lise; Haugen, Aage (1992). Allele Diversity of the h-ras-1 Variable number of tandem repeats in Norwegian lung cancer patients. Environmental Health Perspectives. Vol. 98.

Tefre, Toril ; Ryberg, David; Haugen, Aage; Nebert, Daniel W; Skaug, Vidar; Brøgger, Anton; Børresen, Anne-Lise (1991). Human CYP1A1(cytochrome P1450)gene: lack of assosiation between the Msp I restriction fragment lenght polymorphism and incidence of lung cancer in aNorwegiamn population. Pharmacogenetics (London). Vol. 1.

Tefre, Toril ; Børresen, Anne-Lise.; Aamdal, Steinar; Brøgger, Anton (1990). Studies of the L-myc DNA polymorphism and relation to metastsasis in Norwegian lung cancer patients. British Journal of Cancer. Vol. 61.

Ryberg, David; Tefre, Toril ; Ovrebø, S; Skaug, Vidar; Stangeland, Lodve; Naalsund, A; Baera, R; Børresen-Dale, Anne-Lise; Haugen, Aage (1990). Ha-ras-1 alleles in Norwegian lung cancer patients. Human Genetics. Vol. 86.

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