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Stands and posters

Here you will find information about how to apply for a stand permit, and rules regarding posters, flyers, and newspapers

  • Stands

    Student associations, student democracy, student organizations have the first right to stand permit at OsloMet. Political parties can be invited to or apply for stand permit or other events, such as debates and so on before elections. Employers and companies will be shown to career days and established career activities arranged by student associations, faculties, institutes, or other units at OsloMet. 

    • When can you have a stand?

      It is possible to apply to have a stand all year round.

    • Can you collect money on a stand?

      It is not allowed to conduct fundraising on campus. Exceptions to this rule can only be sought in extraordinary circumstances. Send your application to Student associations and student organizations who sell tickets for their own events but do have to apply for a stand permit in the same way. 

    • What does it cost to have a stand?

      Organizations and units belonging to OsloMet do not have to pay for stands: Such as student associations, student organizations, student democracy, cultural-, volunteer-, interest- and aid organizations, and trade unions. 

      Employers, companies, and commercial companies pay the following to rent a stand placement at OsloMet:  

      0,5 days - 3,5 hours - 2000 NOK 

      1 days - 7 hours - 4000 NOK 

      2 days - 7hours - 6000 NOK 

    • This is how you apply to have a stand

      Send your application to All applications will be considered by a stand team who have the authority to reject applications. Reasons to reject applications can be that the applicant does not fulfill the requirements, the applicant has received complaints in the past, inappropriate behavior, breach of agreement or such.  

  • Posters, flyers, and free newspapers


    Notices and posters must be posted by the nearest information center or service desk and can be hung on designated notice boards. Material that does not follow these guidelines will be taken down. 


    Flyers can be placed in the specified areas by the information center or service desk. Contact them for further information. Flyers placed elsewhere on campus will be removed. 

    Free newspapers 

    Newspaper distributors must apply for an outdoor stand permit in the same way as others and in line with guidelines for this. Student newspapers and Khrono are the only exceptions and can, by agreement, market themselves on our campuses. Setting up your own stand is not permitted without applying in advance. Contact  for an agreement and/or applications.     

  • Info screens

    Info screens can be found in all buildings on both campuses. The info screens are used for current information aimed at our students. 

    Announcements that are published  

    • Important deadlines and study information (exchange, exam information and similar)
    • Tips for a better student life, study techniques and such 
    • Large events aimed at students 
    • Student activities 
    • Locally at the faculty: Trial lectures/ dissertation when relevant for larger groups of students 
    • Welfare offers for OsloMet students, such as student chaplain, opening hours, guidance and so on  
    • Events and welfare offer from the Student Welfare Organization in Oslo - SiO 
    • Elections and important campaigns from the Student Parliament 
    • Operating messages  
    • Velferdstingets activities 

    Posts that are not published 

    • Commercial companies or advertising
    • Events that are not connected to OsloMet (unless it is seen as particularly relevant for our students) 

    Who do you want to reach? 

    • Fill in our contact form ( if you wish to reach all students at OsloMet. 
    • Contact the information center at one of our faculties if you wish to reach out to students at a specific faculty or study program. 
  • Access to social media at OsloMet

    OsloMet is active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. We share useful and relevant information that is aimed at different target groups, depending on the platform.  

    Student associations at OsloMet are defined as internal, and we encourage them to use their own accounts in social media to promote their activities. The Department for Community Relations and Communication wants to work closely with the student associations to find creative and good solutions together. 

    As a general rule, OsloMet does not market to external parts. Exceptions can be made and are made by the Department for Community Relations and Communications. This assumes that the content is particularly relevant for the students in some way.  

    If you want to promote an event, see our Facebook group What's happening? ( 

    For vacancies see our Facebook group Vacancies for OsloMet students ( 

    If you use #oslomet, the Department for Public Relations and Communication will easily detect the content and be able to share it further. 

    If you have any questions, you can contact us by e-mail: