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Alban Davesne

Alban Davesne


Alban Davesne is a researcher at the Faculty of Social Sciences (SAM). He holds a doctorate in political science from Sciences Po, Paris. His research focuses on European integration, Nordic co-operation, and Europeanization of health policies in a comparative perspective. His field of interests include health care reforms, cross-border health care, patient mobility and public health in Europe – prior to and in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic.

HARBOR is the first comparative study of cross-border interactions and their impact on access to healthcare in rural and disadvantaged border areas in Europe, building on an in-depth study of two cases (Belgium-France and Norway-Sweden). Developing a novel conceptual framework in which borders and cross-border interactions are an integral part of healthcare territories, the project aims to close the gap in regional studies and social policy literature by providing an integrated approach of cross-border interactions and access to health care in European border regions.

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