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Berit Berg Tjørhom

Berit Berg Tjørhom

Scientific publications

Tjørhom, Berit ; Aase, Karina (2011). The art of balance: Using upward resilience traits to deal with conflicting goals. Resilience engineering in practice. Hollnagel, Erik; Pariès, Jean; Woods, David; Wreathall, John (Ed.). Resilience engineering in practice : a guidebook. p. 157-170. Ashgate.

Tjørhom, Berit (2010). Risk governance within aviation. 1 p. Risk Management: An International Journal. Vol. 12.

Aase, Karina; Tjørhom, Berit (2010). The role of complexity in accident investigation practice. International Journal of Emergency Management. Vol. 7.

Tjørhom, Berit ; Aase, Karina (2007). Safety and changes in the Norwegian aviation transport system - What is the role of the legislator and the regulator?. Risk, Reliability and Societal Safety. p. 2143-2149. Taylor & Francis.

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