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Cloé Garnache

Cloé Garnache

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Scientific publications

Tanner, Sophia; Lupi, Frank; Garnache, Cloé (2022). Estimating visitor preferences for recreation sites in wildfire prone areas. International journal of wildland fire. Vol. 31.

Garnache, Cloé ; Mérel, Pierre R. (2022). Environmental Policy in General Equilibrium: New Insights from a Canonical Model. 27 p. Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists. Vol. 9.

Reeling, Carson; Horan, Richard D.; Garnache, Cloé (2020). When the Levee Breaks: Can Multi‐Pollutant Markets Break the Dam on Point–Nonpoint Market Participation?. American Journal of Agricultural Economics. Vol. 102.

Srivastava, Lorie; Hand, Michael; Kim, John; Sánchez, José J.; Lupi, Frank; Garnache, Cloé ; Drapek, Raymond J.; Quinn, James F. (2020). How Will Climate Change Affect the Provision and Value of Water from Public Lands in Southern California Through the 21st Century?. 32 p. Agricultural and Resource Economics Review (ARER). Vol. 49.

Lupi, Frank; Basso, Bruno; Garnache, Cloé ; Herriges, Joseph A.; Hyndman, David; Stevenson, R. Jan (2020). Linking Agricultural Nutrient Pollution to the Value of Freshwater Ecosystem Services. Land Economics. Vol. 96.

Garnache, Cloé ; Srivastava, Lorie; Sánchez, José J.; Lupi, Frank (2018). Recreation Ecosystem Services from Chaparral Dominated Landscapes: A Baseline Assessment from National Forests in Southern California. ISBN: 978-3-319-68302-7. 23 p. Springer.

Garnache, Cloé ; Reeling, Carson; Horan, Richard (2018). Efficiency gains from integrated multipollutant trading. Resource and Energy Economics. Vol. 52.

Klaiman, Kimberly; Oretga, David L.; Garnache, Cloé (2017). Perceived Barriers to Food Packaging Recycling: Evidence From a Choice Experiment of US Consumers. Food Control. Vol. 73.

Garnache, Cloé ; Mérel, Pierre R.; Lee, Juhwan; Six, Johan (2017). The Social Costs of Second-Best Policies: Evidence from Agricultural GHG Mitigation. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. Vol. 82.

Garnache, Cloé ; Mérel, Pierre R.; Howitt, Richard; Lee, Juhwan (2017). Calibration of Shadow Values in Constrained Optimisation Models of Agricultural Supply. European Review of Agricultural Economics. Vol. 44.

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