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Cloé Garnache

Cloé Garnache

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Scientific publications

Lupi, Frank; Basso, Bruno; Garnache, Cloé; Herriges, Joseph A.; Hyndman, David; Stevenson, R. Jan (2020). Linking Agricultural Nutrient Pollution to the Value of Freshwater Ecosystem Services. Land Economics . Vol. 96.

Srivastava, Lorie; Hand, Michael; Kim, John; Sánchez, José J.; Lupi, Frank; Garnache, Cloé; Drapek, Raymond J.; Quinn, James F. (2020). How Will Climate Change Affect the Provision and Value of Water from Public Lands in Southern California Through the 21st Century?. Agricultural and Resource Economics Review (ARER) . Vol. 49.

Reeling, Carson; Horan, Richard D.; Garnache, Cloé (2020). When the Levee Breaks: Can Multi‐Pollutant Markets Break the Dam on Point–Nonpoint Market Participation?. American Journal of Agricultural Economics . Vol. 102.

Garnache, Cloé; Srivastava, Lorie; Sánchez, José J.; Lupi, Frank (2018). Recreation Ecosystem Services from Chaparral Dominated Landscapes: A Baseline Assessment from National Forests in Southern California. ISBN: 978-3-319-68302-7. 23 p. Springer.

Garnache, Cloé; Reeling, Carson; Horan, Richard (2018). Efficiency gains from integrated multipollutant trading. Resource and Energy Economics . Vol. 52.

Klaiman, Kimberly; Oretga, David L.; Garnache, Cloé (2017). Perceived Barriers to Food Packaging Recycling: Evidence From a Choice Experiment of US Consumers. Food Control . Vol. 73.

Garnache, Cloé; Mérel, Pierre R.; Lee, Juhwan; Six, Johan (2017). The Social Costs of Second-Best Policies: Evidence from Agricultural GHG Mitigation. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management . Vol. 82.

Garnache, Cloé; Mérel, Pierre R.; Howitt, Richard; Lee, Juhwan (2017). Calibration of Shadow Values in Constrained Optimisation Models of Agricultural Supply. European Review of Agricultural Economics . Vol. 44.

Garnache, Cloé; Mérel, Pierre R. (2017). The Social Costs of Environmental Goods Provision: A Cautionary Guide to the Revealed-Preference Approach. Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists . Vol. 4.

Garnache, Cloé; Swinton, Scott M.; Herriges, Joseph A.; Lupi, Frank; Stevenson, R. Jan (2016). Solving the Phosphorus Pollution Puzzle: Synthesis and Directions for Future Research. American Journal of Agricultural Economics . Vol. 98.

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