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Fredrik Hoff Nordum

Fredrik Hoff Nordum

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Scientific publications

Olasveengen, Theresa M.; Skaare, Christiane; Skjerven-Martinsen, Marianne; Hoff-Olsen, Per; Kramer-Johansen, Jo; Nordum, Fredrik Hoff ; Eriksen, Morten; Norseng, Per Andreas; Wik, Lars (2023). Lung tissue injury and hemodynamic effects of ventilations synchronized or unsynchronized to continuous chest compressions in a porcine cardiac arrest model. 8 p. Resuscitation Plus. Vol. 17.

Hardeland, Camilla; Sunde, Kjetil; Ramsdal, Helge Normann; Hebbert, Susan R.; Soilammi, Linda Christina; Westmark, Fredrik; Nordum, Fredrik ; Hansen, Andreas Ernst; Steen-Hansen, Jon Erik; Olasveengen, Theresa M. (2016). Factors impacting upon timely and adequate allocation of prehospital medical assistance and resources to cardiac arrest patients. Resuscitation. Vol. 109.

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