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Karine Porpino Viana

Karine Porpino Viana

Scientific publications

Wang, Juan; Wang, Mingzhu; Du, Xiaopeng; Porpino Viana, Karine Maria ; Hou, Ke; Zou, Hong (2023). Parent and Friend Emotion Socialization in Early Adolescence: Their Unique and Interactive Contributions to Emotion Regulation Ability. 14 p. Journal of Youth and Adolescence. Vol. 53.

Porpino Viana, Karine Maria ; Zambrana, Imac Maria; Bølstad, Evalill; Pons Piulats, Francisco Maria (2023). “Are we both right?” relations between theory of mind and epistemic humility in dyadic cooperative problem-solving in 5- to 9-year-old children. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology. Vol. 87.

Porpino Viana, Karine Maria ; Lucena, Juliana; Zambrana, Imac Maria; Harris, Paul. L.; Pons Piulats, Francisco Maria (2022). Children's emotion understanding and cooperative problem-solving in educational settings. Dukes, D.; Samson, A.; Walle, E. (Ed.). The Oxford Handbook of Emotional Development. p. 566-580. Oxford University Press.

Viana, Karine Maria ; Zambrana, Imac Maria; Karevold, Evalill Bølstad; Pons, Francisco (2019). Emotions in motion: impact of emotion understanding on children’s peer action coordination. Cognition & Emotion.

Pons, Francisco; Giménez-Dasí, Marta; Daniel, Marie-France; Auriac-Slusarczyk, Emmanuèle; Businaro, Nicoletta; Viana, Karine Maria (2019). Impact of a low-cost classroom dialogue-based intervention on preschool children's emotion understanding. European Early Childhood Education Research Journal. Vol. 27.

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