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Katalin Kozak

Katalin Kozak

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

History of the arts in antiquity   Film and theatre studies   Philosophy   History of the arts in the Middle Ages   History of the arts in recent times

Subject areas

History of the theatre   Aesthetics   Dramaturgy   Theater Arts   Drama education   Accessing theatre for young people, from text to theatre, drama   Play and drama in a kindergarden setting   Toddler education   Babytheatre   Educational drama   Art Aesthetics


Hungary   Portugal

Publications and research


Kozak, Katalin (1997). Teaterhistorie Bind 2. ISBN: 8275221285. 35 p. Tell forlag a.s.

Kozak, Katalin ; Ilsaas, Tove (1996). Teaterhistorie Bind 1. ISBN: 8275220556. 36 p. Tell forlag a.s.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete