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Kristoffer Eikemo

Kristoffer Eikemo


Eikemo’s research focuses on welfare technology, social inequality, and quality of life among the elderly. His doctoral thesis investigates how technology can promote social contact among the elderly, and whether these types of aids promote health inequalities in the population.

Publications and research

Scientific publications

Balaj, Mirza; Henson, Claire A.; Aronsson, Emma Amanda; Aravkin, Aleksandr Y.; Beck, Kathryn Christine; Degail, Claire Josette Edith; Donadello, Lorena; Eikemo, Kristoffer ; Friedman, Joseph; Giouleka, Anna; Gradeci, Indrit; Hay, Simon, I.; Jensen, Magnus Rom; Mclaughlin, Susan A.; Mullany, Erin C.; O'connell, Erin M.; Sripada, Kam; Stonkute, Donata; Sorensen, Reed J.D.; Solhaug, Solvor; Vonen, Hanne Dahl; Westby, Cèline Lossius; Zheng, Peng; Mohammad, Talal; Eikemo, Terje Andreas; Gakidou, Emmanuela (2024). Effects of education on adult mortality: a global systematic review and meta-analysis. The Lancet Public Health.

Beck, Kathryn Christine; Balaj, Mirza; Donadello, Lorena; Mohammad, Talal; Vonen, Hanne Dahl; Degail, Claire; Eikemo, Kristoffer ; Giouleka, Anna; Gradeci, Indrit; Westby, Cèline Lossius; Sripada, Kam; Jensen, Magnus Rom; Solhaug, Solvor; Gakidou, Emmanuela; Eikemo, Terje Andreas (2022). Educational inequalities in adult mortality: a systematic review and meta-analysis of the Asia Pacific region. BMJ Open. Vol. 12.

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