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Martina Martin Tzanova

Martina Martin Tzanova

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Scientific publications

Tzanova, Martina Martin ; Larsen, Bjarke Strøm; Birolo, Rebecca; Cignolini, Sara; Tho, Ingunn; Chierotti, Michele R.; Perissutti, Beatrice; Scaglione, Silvia; Stein, Paul C.; Hiorth, Marianne; Di Cagno, Massimiliano Pio (2024). Shifting the Focus from Dissolution to Permeation: Introducing the Meso-fluidic Chip for Permeability Assessment (MCPA). 11 p. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Tzanova, Martina Martin ; Nguyen, Lisa; Moretti, Federica; Grassi, Mario; Magnano, Greta Camilla; Voinovich, Dario; Stein, Paul C.; Hiorth, Marianne; Di Cagno, Massimiliano Pio (2023). Interpreting permeability as a function of free drug fraction: The case studies of cyclodextrins and liposomes. 9 p. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Vol. 189.

Sallustio, Valentina; Ferruggia, Giovanna; Di Cagno, Massimiliano Pio; Tzanova, Martina Martin ; Marto, Joana; Ribeiro, Helena; Goncalvez, Lidia Maria; Mandrone, Manuela; Chiocchio, Ilaria; Cerchiara, Teresa; Abruzzo, Angela; Bigucci, Federica; Luppi, Barbara (2023). Design and Characterization of an Ethosomal Gel Encapsulating Rosehip Extract. 19 p. Gels. Vol. 9.

Tzanova, Martina Martin ; Moretti, Federica; Grassi, Gabriele; Stein, Paul; Hiorth, Marianne; Abrami, Michela; Grassi, Mario; Di Cagno, Massimiliano Pio (2022). Modelling drug diffusion through unstirred water layers allows real-time quantification of free/loaded drug fractions and release kinetics from colloidal-based formulations. 10 p. European journal of pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics. Vol. 178.

Tzanova, Martina Martin ; Randelov, Elizabeta; Stein, Paul C.; Hiorth, Marianne; Di Cagno, Massimiliano Pio (2021). Towards a better mechanistic comprehension of drug permeation and absorption: Introducing the diffusion-partitioning interplay. 9 p. International Journal of Pharmaceutics. Vol. 608.

Tzanova, Martina ; Hagesæther, Ellen ; Tho, Ingunn (2020). Solid lipid nanoparticle-loaded mucoadhesive buccal films – Critical quality attributes and in vitro safety & efficacy. 11 p. International Journal of Pharmaceutics. Vol. 592.

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