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Muhammad Azeem Qureshi

Muhammad Azeem Qureshi

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Gull, Ammar Ali; Ahsan, Tanveer; Qureshi, Muhammad Azeem; Mushtaq, Rizwan (2023). Striving to safeguard shareholders or maintain sustainability in periods of high uncertainty: A multi-country evidence. Technological Forecasting and Social Change . Vol. 188.

Khan, Aima; Qureshi, Muhammad Azeem (2022). Modelling the dynamics of firm valuation: An assessment of impact of exchange rate fluctuations on firm value using system dynamics. Systems research and behavioral science .

Qureshi, Muhammad Azeem; Ahsan, Tanveer; Gull, Ammar Ali (2022). Does country-level eco-innovation help reduce corporate CO<inf>2</inf> emissions? Evidence from Europe. Journal of Cleaner Production . Vol. 379.

Ahsan, Tanveer; Qureshi, Muhammad Azeem; Gull, Ammar Ali; Muhammad, Fazal (2022). The relevance of national culture to policy uncertainty and firm performance: European evidence. Journal of economic studies .

Qureshi, Muhammad Azeem; Ahsan, Tanveer (2022). Do investors penalize the firms disclosing higher environmental performance? a cross cultural evidence. Environmental Science and Pollution Research International .

Qureshi, Muhammad Azeem; Strønen, Fred H.; Tyseng, Marius Urdal; Urdal, Marius (2021). Arv eller miljø? Hva forklarer norske bedrifters variasjon i lønnsomhet?. Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse .

Nazir, Marina; Akbar, Minhas; Akbar, Ahsan; Poulovo, Petra; Hussain, Ammar; Qureshi, Muhammad Azeem (2021). The nexus between corporate environment, social, and governance performance and cost of capital: evidence from top global tech leaders. 14 p. Environmental Science and Pollution Research International .

Ahsan, Tanveer; Qureshi, Muhammad Azeem (2021). The impact of Islamic banking model and Islamic financial development on bank performance: evidence from dual banking economies. International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management .

Minhas, Akbar; Ahsan, Akbar; Qureshi, Muhammad Azeem; Poulova, Petra (2021). Sentiments–Risk Relationship across the Corporate Life Cycle: Evidence from an Emerging Market. Economies . Vol. 9.

Qureshi, Muhammad Azeem; Akbar, Minhas; Akbar, Ahsan; Poulova, Petra (2021). Do ESG Endeavors Assist Firms in Achieving Superior Financial Performance? A Case of 100 Best Corporate Citizens. Sage Open . Vol. 11.

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