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Sturla Fjesme

Sturla Fjesme


Sturla Lyngnes Fjesme is a Professor of Finance at the Oslo Business School at Oslo Metropolitan University. Sturla’s main research interests are in the areas of Corporate Finance, Financial History, and Asset Pricing. Sturla has presented his research at international conferences such as the American Finance Association Annual Conference (AFA) and published in journals such as the Journal of Financial Economics, the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, the Economic History Review, and Financial Management. Sturla has also won multiple awards and scholarships such as the annual Carol Johnston Award for Teaching Excellence and the Norwegian Central Bank Investment Management (NBIM) publication bonus. See

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Scientific publications

Abdollahi, Hooman; Fjesme, Sturla Lyngnes ; Sirnes, Espen (2024). Measuring market volatility connectedness to media sentiment. 28 p. The North American journal of economics and finance. Vol. 71.

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Fjesme, Sturla (2018). Laddering IPO Shares. European Journal of Finance.

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