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Tone Åker

Tone Åker

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Violence   Autism   Mental retardation   Sexual assault   Rule of law   Investigative interview

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Project management   Student information   Student counselling   Digital learning resources   Practical training management   External relations   Quality of Education

Scientific publications

Åker, Tone Hee; Strømgren, Børge; Søndenaa, Erik; S. Johnson, Miriam (2020). Between the criminal justice and healthcare sectors: responsibilities in securing healthcare needs for people with intellectual disabilities after an investigative interview. 13 p. Nordic Social Work Research .

Åker, Tone Hee; Sinkerud Johnson, Miriam (2020). Interviewing alleged victims with mild and moderate intellectual disabilities and autism. A field study of police-investigated cases of physical and sexual abuse in a Norwegian national sample. Journal of Intellectual Disability Research . Vol. 64.

Åker, Tone Hee; S. Johnson, Miriam (2019). Sexual abuse and violence against people with intellectual disability and physical impairments: Characteristics of police‐investigated cases in a Norwegian national sample. JARID: Journal of applied research in intellectual disabilities .

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