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Tapas Kundu

Tapas Kundu

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Political Economy   Development economics   Microeconomics

Scientific publications

Kundu, Tapas; Nilssen, Tore (2017). Delegation of Regulation. 55 p. Memorandum from Department of Economics, University of Oslo . Vol. 2017.

Bhattacharya, Sourav; Deb, Joyee; Kundu, Tapas (2015). Mobility and conflict. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics . Vol. 7.

Bhattacharya, Sourav; Kundu, Tapas (2014). Resistance, redistribution and investor-friendliness. Journal of Development Economics . Vol. 109.

Simon, Melissa; Gunia, Brian; Martin, Emily; Foucar, Charles; Kundu, Tapas; Ragas, Daiva; Emanuel, Linda (2013). Path Toward Economic Resilience for Family Caregivers: Mitigating Household Deprivation and the Health Care Talent Shortage at the Same Time. The gerontologist. Vol. 53.

Emanuel, Linda; Kundu, Tapas; Reitschuler-Cross, Eva; Glasser Scandrett, Karen; Simon, Melissa; Librach, Lawrence (2011). Addressing the social suffering associated with illness: A focus on household economic resilience. Emanuel, Linda; Librach, Lawrence (Ed.). Palliative Care: Core Skills and Clinical Competencies. Chapter Number 48. p. 670-679.

Klibanoff, Peter; Kundu, Tapas (2010). Monopoly Pricing under a Medicaid-Style Most-Favored-Customer Clause and Its Welfare Implication. 42 p. The B.E. Journals in Economic Analysis & Policy . Vol. 10.

Emanuel, Natalia; Simon, Melissa; Burt, Michael; Joseph, Aneeja; Sreekumar, Nirmala; Kundu, Tapas; Khemka, Vivek; Biswas, Basudeb; Rajagopal, M; Emanuel, Linda (2010). Economic Impact of Terminal Illness and the Willingness to Change It. Journal of Palliative Medicine . Vol. 13.

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