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Tina Gerdts-Andresen

Tina Gerdts-Andresen


Gerdts-Andresen has a combined Law and Child Welfare education, with a Master of Health and Social Work with Children and Youth, and continued education in e.g. child welfare services, child welfare in a minority perspective, psychosocial work with children and youth, and communication.

She has several years of professional work experience from Child Welfare Services and has also worked as a senior advisor at the County Governors office, department of Child Welfare.

Scientific publications

Gerdts-Andresen, Tina ; Andersen, Marie Valen-Sendstad; Hansen, Heidi Aarum (2024). The child's right to family life when living in public care: how to facilitate contact that preserves, strengthens, and develops family ties. Children and Youth Services Review. Vol. 159.

Vassend, Eva Lill Fossli; Gerdts-Andresen, Tina (2023). Forholdet mellom skjult adresse, samvær og annen kontaktetablering for barn i offentlig omsorg: Barnevernsnemndas begrunnelser og mulige implikasjoner. Tidsskrift for familierett, arverett og barnevernrettslige spørsmål. Vol. 21.

Hansen, Heidi Aarum; Gerdts-Andresen, Tina (2023). Barns rett til medvirkning. Betydningen av barns medvirkning i Barneverns- og helsenemndas beslutningsprosess, når sak om omsorgsovertakelse behandles. Tidsskriftet Norges Barnevern. Vol. 100.

Hansen, Heidi Aarum; Gerdts-Andresen, Tina (2023). How children’s navigation on digital platforms challenges child welfare assessments. Nordic Journal of Social Research. Vol. 14.

Gerdts-Andresen, Tina ; Hansen, Mette Tindvik; Grøndahl, Vigdis Abrahamsen (2022). Educational effectiveness: Validation of an instrument to measure students critical thinking and disposition. 15 p. International Journal of Instruction. Vol. 15.

Gerdts-Andresen, Tina ; Glømmen, Anne Margrethe; Hjelmeland, Inger; Haug, Erna; Grønlien, Heidi Kristine (2022). Adaptation and Psychometric Properties of an Instrument to Assess Self-Efficacy in Client-Centeredness (SECCQ). 11 p. Journal of Social Work Education.

Gerdts-Andresen, Tina (2021). Circle of Security-Parenting: A Systematic Review of Effectiveness When Using the Parent Training Programme with Multi-Problem Families. 25 p. Nordic Journal of Social Research. Vol. 12.

Gerdts-Andresen, Tina ; Hansen, Heidi Aarum (2021). How the Child’s Views is Weighted in Care Order Proceedings. Children and Youth Services Review. Vol. 129.

Gerdts-Andresen, Tina (2021). A Childs’ Right to Family Life when Placed in Public Care; an Analysis of Whether Current Norwegian Practice is in Systematic Contradiction to Human Rights. The International Journal of Children's Rights. Vol. 29.

Gerdts-Andresen, Tina (2021). A Scoping Review of When and How a Child’s View is Weighted in Decision-Making Processes in Law Proceedings. Children and Youth Services Review. Vol. 129.

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