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Tina Svingerud

Tina Svingerud


I work administratively with the center CEDIC and the research school DIGIT.

Scientific publications

Hadjineophytou, Chris; Anonsen, Jan Haug; Svingerud, Tina; Mortimer, Tatum D.; Grad, Yonatan H.; Nichollas, Sscott E.; Koomey, Michael (2022). Sculpting the Bacterial O-Glycoproteome: Functional Analyses of Orthologous Oligosaccharyltransferases with Diverse Targeting Specificities. 15 p. mBio . Vol. 13.

Svingerud, Tina; Holand, Jenni; Robertsen, Børre (2013). Infectious salmon anemia virus (ISAV) replication is transiently inhibited by Atlantic salmon type I interferon in cell culture. Virus Research . Vol. 177.

Svingerud, Tina; Solstad, Terese; Sun, Baojian; Nyrud, May Liss Julianne; Greiner-Tollersrud, Linn; Kileng, Øyvind; Robertsen, Børre (2012). Atlantic salmon type I IFN subtypes show differences in antiviral activity and cell dependent expression - evidence for high IFNb/IFNc-producing cells in fish lymphoid tissues. Journal of Immunology . Vol. 189.

Sun, Baojian; SkjÆveland, ingrid; Svingerud, Tina; Zou, Jun; Jørgensen, Jorunn B; Robertsen, Børre (2011). Antiviral Activity of Salmonid Gamma Interferon against Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis Virus and Salmonid Alphavirus and Its Dependency on Type I Interferon. Journal of Virology . Vol. 85.

Berg, Kristel; Svingerud, Tina; Sun, Baojian; Robertsen, Børre (2009). An antiserum against Atlantic salmon IFNa1 detects IFN and neutralizes antiviral activity produced by poly I:C stimulated cells. Developmental and Comparative Immunology . Vol. 33.

Lauksund, Reidunn Silje; Svingerud, Tina; Bergan, Veronica; Robertsen, Børre (2009). Atlantic salmon IPS-1 mediates induction of IFNa1 and activation of NF-kappa B and localizes to mitochondria. Developmental and Comparative Immunology . Vol. 33.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete