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Trine Beate Elvebakken

Trine Beate Elvebakken


I work at DIGIN with communications and innovative learning design. My mission is that collaboration across the organization provides the best opportunities for success! I have a broad communication experience from the public sector, with special emphasis on the higher education sector.

Administrative field of work

Digitalize   Digital advising   Learning environment   Courses   Digital learning resources   Strategic communication   Internal communication

Publications and research


Elvebakken, Trine Beate ; Magnus, Ellen Merethe (2023). COIL Initiatives @ Oslo Metropolitan University. HTW International Staff Week. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin.

Elvebakken, Trine Beate ; Julie, Backer (2018). Developing a digital toolkit: the key to a robust communications operation in 2018. EUPRIO 2018. EUPRIO.

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