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The Grimen Lecture 2024 - Lisa Herzog

Professor in Political Philosophy at the University of Groningen, Liza Herzog, has been invited to hold this year’s annual Grimen lecture.

Professor Lisa Herzog ( is Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Groningen.

She received her PhD from the University of Oxford in 2011. Her thesis was published as "Inventing the Market. Smith, Hegel, and Political Theory" (

She completed her habilitation at Goethe University Frankfurt, which was published as "Reclaiming the System. Moral Responsibility, Divided Labour, and the Role of Organizations in Society" (

Research interests

Herzog's research interests lie within the field of political and economic philosophy, with arguments based on social science research and history.

She regularly participates in public debates surrounding questions of justice and has reached a wide German audience with books such as "Freiheit gehört nicht nur den Reichen. Plädoyer für einen zeitgemäßen Liberalismus" ( and "Die Rettung der Arbeit. Ein Politischer Aufruf" (

The latter, which explores how work as a meaningful activity can be "saved" in the digital age, has won several prestigious academic awards.

Together with Axel Honneth, she has also edited a comprehensive historical anthology on the market as an institution, "Der Wert des Marktes" (

Political epistemology

Herzog's latest book is "Citizen Knowledge: Markets, Experts, and the Infrastructure of Democracy" (

The book is a contribution to the research field of "political epistemology", which examines the interaction between knowledge and political institutions and practices.

Against the current backdrop of fake news and lack of trust in expertise, she analyses three mechanisms for the dissemination and use of knowledge - markets, expert communities and democratic deliberation - and the epistemological prerequisites for well-functioning democratic governance.


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