Norwegian version

Public defence: Mariya Khoronzhevych

Mariya Khoronzhevych will defend her thesis for the PhD in Social Science, specialization Sosial Work and Social Policy with "Personalisation of Employment-Oriented Interventions Targeting Immigrant Jobseekers in NAV".

Trial lecture

The trial lecture lasts from 10:00-10:45.  The title will be announced later. 

Public defence

The candidate will defend her thesis at 12:00. 

The committee

Professor Rita Sørly,  UiT Artic University of Norway
Project researcher Katarina Mozetic, Malmö university
Associate professor Håvard Aaslund, Oslo Metropolitan University

Leader of the public defence

Vice-dean for research and innovation Agnete Vabø, Faculty of Social Sciences, Oslo Metropolitan University


Main supervisor: Professor Erika Gubrium, Oslo Metropolitan University
Co-supervisor: Head of department Heidi Nicolaisen,  Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV)

  • Summary

    The increasing global mobility has made the integration of immigrants into labour markets a key focus in social work research and policy. However, despite Norway's well-established welfare system and employment interventions, it still faces challenges in ensuring favourable employment outcomes for immigrants. Studies show a significant employment rate gap between immigrants and the native-born population, which lessens but persists for up to a decade after their arrival in Norway.

    Previous research questioned standardised approaches in employment-oriented follow-up, especially for individuals with complex support needs and those outside the labour market, including immigrants. Simultaneously, there is a growing view that personalised support facilitates better employment outcomes. Aiming to improve outcomes for the immigrants participating in employment interventions, this dissertation explores the personalisation of employment interventions for immigrants in Norway, particularly within the framework of the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV).