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Strategy 2018-2024 for the Faculty of Health Sciences

This plan aims to contribute to the achievement of the institution's strategic goals while taking into consideration the unique aspects of the faculty's research and education, as well as the professional field with which we collaborate.

The faculty’s strategy is built upon OsloMet's Strategy 2024.

The plan is designed to support the institution's strategic objectives and align with the distinctive characteristics of the faculty's research and education, as well as its collaboration with the professional field.

OsloMet has set as one of the goals for this strategy period that we shall have the best nursing education in the country. To achieve this ambition, several development projects supported by the strategy have been initiated, and this will generally contribute to high quality in all the study programmes.

The Faculty of Health Sciences shall contribute to key national goals for sustainable development by educating professionals who can deliver high-quality, evidence-based health services. Through practice-oriented research and innovation, we will develop, streamline, and improve services while ensuring quality.

The Faculty of Health Sciences educates candidates for a sector undergoing significant change, and the future of the healthcare system they will work in is uncertain.

Demographic changes alter the need for health and care services. At the same time, there will be less available qualified labour.

We are committed to educating candidates with competencies that prepare them for the challenges they will face throughout their careers, and to develop and disseminate knowledge that can help address the challenges facing the healthcare system.

To achieve this ambition, we must collaborate closely with the working life on research and innovation and strengthen the knowledge base for practice.

We must also research our teaching activities and evaluate how new and varied teaching methods affect learning. Furthermore, it is essential that we acquire increased competence in technology, for example related to digitization and simulation.

This expertise should be used to further develop our study programmes, to ensure that our graduates have a significant level of digital competence, and to participate in the development of new solutions in collaboration with the field of practice.

At the same time, we will educate candidates who understand the ethical issues related to the increased use of technology in healthcare and social services and who can safeguard the dignity of each individual patient/user.

Main goal 1

The Faculty of Health Sciences educates competent professionals who are knowledge-based, user-orientated, interprofessional, and critically constructive in their professional practice.

The faculty shall:

Main goal 2

The Faculty of Health Sciences conducts research, innovation, and development that strengthen the knowledge base of the study programmes and healthcare services.

The faculty shall:

Main goal 3

The Faculty of Health Sciences has staff with high and relevant expertise, capable of enhancing the faculty's education and research.

The faculty shall:

Main goal 4

The Faculty of Health Sciences fosters a health-promoting work environment.

The faculty shall: